Dealing With Bad Headaches

bad headache

Headaches are a part of life for most people. They tend to creep up  for different reasons, and some folks have them as a symptom of something very serious going on in the body. The occasional headache is not much of a worry, but some have them constantly and they can disrupt life. Bad headaches can make someone stop everything, and can even cost people jobs if they happen often enough. If you experience a lot of headaches that are severe, you should talk to your doctor for relief and also to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

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Gall bladder Disease

gall bladder

The gall bladder is located under the liver and its main function in the body is to store the bile that is manufactured in the liver. Bile helps the body break down fats and the gall bladder acts as the major source. The gall bladder disease is a condition that inflames the gall bladder. It also causes obstruction, infections and stones in the bladder. There are different types of the gall bladder disease that include gallstones, cholecystitis, gangrene, chronic acalculous, sclerosing cholangitis, tissue growths, congenital defects and tumors among others.

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Free Yourself From The Fat Trip

If you have been feeling stuck and it seems that your weight loss is stalling out, you might be frustrated and feeling a little hopeless. It seems that no matter how often you remind yourself that this will take some time, you are still losing hope. But do not give up until you check these common downfalls to see if they are affecting your progress.

Not eating enough protein.

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Existence and Reproduction – We Are Genetically Designed To Be Survivors

our healthy ancestorsYou are living proof that the survival of man has been like a player set on a continuous loop, playing the same song. Your DNA is a copy of many others before you, spanning over millions of years. You are here today because your ancestors were survivors. They bore offspring who also survived and kept the cycle going until you came into this world to join in the never-ending cycle.

Your genetics are tuned to make you a survivor and to replicate. Simply put, you are designed to live and give forth new life. You might not even know it, but you are subconsciously going through life just to accomplish these two things. You push yourself towards reproducing and ensuring your survival. Some chose not to reproduce and that is OK, many of us do and that enables the line to continue.

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