Dealing With Bad Headaches

bad headache

Headaches are a part of life for most people. They tend to creep up  for different reasons, and some folks have them as a symptom of something very serious going on in the body. The occasional headache is not much of a worry, but some have them constantly and they can disrupt life. Bad headaches can make someone stop everything, and can even cost people jobs if they happen often enough. If you experience a lot of headaches that are severe, you should talk to your doctor for relief and also to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

For the occasional bout with bad headaches, you can take an over the counter medication to relieve your pain. There are many different brands that you can buy, and some people find that while one does not work very well, something else does. If you have chosen something to help you deal with your bad headaches and you are not getting much relief, you may want to try a different types of pain reliever. Some of these headaches are not signs of something else going wrong in the body, but they may require prescription medication.

Some of the most common bad headaches are migraines. You know you are having this if you feel sick to your stomach, light hurts your head even more, and even small sounds are unbearable. There are some that have the occasional migraine, and some suffer from them quite often. These bad headaches are often best dealt with by lying down in a dark, quiet room. This is not always possible, but it does help. There are some over the counter meds that work for these, but there are prescription alternatives that you can try if these migraines are disrupting your life and causing you to miss work or family activities on a regular basis.

One very common source of bad headaches is sinus trouble. Some people have problems with sinuses at certain times of the year, or even when the weather changes. These can be very bad headaches, or they can be mild nuisance headaches that go away within a few hours. If you are having occasional problems, over the counter meds can help. If you have severe sinus headaches, you may want to see a specialist to make sure you do not have an infection in your sinuses, or there is not some other sort of blockage or damage causing your headaches.

Bad headaches can be warning signs of other things. One of the first symptoms of a stroke is a very bad headache that comes out of nowhere. If there is any type of blood clot, bleeding, or rupture in the brain, a sudden and severe headache comes about quickly. If you have such a headache and feel other symptoms of stroke, you should call 911 immediately. The sooner you are treated the better your chances for recovery. Though strokes are usually for older folks, pregnant and postpartum women can have them, and so can those with other conditions like diabetes and/or a family history of stroke. Don’t hesitate, even if you are not sure. Each minute counts with a stroke.