Free Yourself From The Fat Trip

If you have been feeling stuck and it seems that your weight loss is stalling out, you might be frustrated and feeling a little hopeless. It seems that no matter how often you remind yourself that this will take some time, you are still losing hope. But do not give up until you check these common downfalls to see if they are affecting your progress.

Not eating enough protein.

protein sourcesWe need protein to rev up our metabolism. It is great because it keeps our metabolism working harder for up to two or three hours after it is eaten. But if you do not eat enough food you will slow your metabolism down and, in turn, you weight loss will suffer.


Not eating enough fat to keep cravings away.

There is no better way to defend against the terrible cravings for carbs and processed foods than eating fat. When people eat fat, there is an amazing hormone called CCK which lets your body know that it is full. It says that you do not need to continue eating like people often do when on a low fat diet. So be sure to add fat to each snack and each meal and you will be able to keep your cravings at bay.

 Eating too much fruit.

You are probably thinking that we have all been constantly told to eat all our fruits and our veggies. But for people who are struggling with weight loss, fruit has high levels of fructose, which is the sugar that is in fruit, and that will sabotage your weight loss. It is not completely off limits but be sure to watch how much you eat every day. Also be careful about what kinds of fruit you eat. For example, berries have less sugar than is in a large apple. It is best to eat only about a half cup of fruit twice a day for snacks.

 Skimping on the non-starchy vegetables, like broccoli and leafy greens.

You will get many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from eating leafy, green vegetables and they are very important in losing weight. They also make another great contribution to weight loss – they will detox the extra estrogen that you have in your body which is making it hard to lose weight.

 Eating too many starchy vegetables, like potatoes and corn.

It is actually true that you will have cravings all day long if you eat starchy vegetables. I have noticed that if I eat too many starchy vegetables early in the day I crave carbohydrates until I go to bed. Also, if you are finding that you are stuck in your diet, try to eat vegetables that are non-starchy and only have a starch once a day, usually for lunch.

All of these tips will help you stay away from, or work out of, these usual pitfalls when losing weight.

 Finally Free Yourself From The Fat Trap

By eating a diet that is a balance of good animal protein, low glycemic carbohydrates such as vegetables and healthy fats you will have the solution to losing weight permanently and feeling and looking heathier. By eating like this you will stoke your metabolism and stay satisfied and full. Your cravings will disappear if you eat a balanced diet. You will completely forget about cookies, pasta, crackers and cakes – all of the foods that will cause you to gain weight. Take a look at the information around the program developed by Kyle Leon, its a program geared to losing weight according to body type.

Remember that eating a healthy diet still will not put you on the fast track to losing weight, that is crash dieting and it is not good. Many people who are on a balanced diet plan will lose between one-half and one pound per week. But permanent weight loss – the real payoff, is well worth all the trouble! Just think of it, if you lost one-half pound every week for a year you will have lost 26 pounds! And if you keep it up, in two years it will be 52 pounds! And you will not only lose weight, you will look and feel great the whole time. It is a much easier lifestyle change taking it slowly over time.