Memory Loss Reasons And Help

2847456406_4403449ffe_nThere can be many reasons why you gradually become aware that you have a bad memory. It may have started quite innocently when you forgot where you put the car keys or you forgot a name. Fortunately increasing memory loss is not inevitable and there are measures you can take to minimize the risks. Firstly though you should try and identify why you are having memory problems. There are some common causes that you are probably aware of like trauma, old age and medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease but there are less well known reasons that might lie at the root of your memory problems.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a great challenge to the memory and it is more difficult to learn or retain information when you are feeling tired, stressed angry or fretful. These emotional levers can disrupt the body and the mind. The body is well able to protect itself but it can be overwhelmed if your mind is handling more than it can cope with. You will find that stress and anxiety can overshadow everything else making it well-nigh impossible to retain “minor” information like where you left the house keys or your new colleague’s name.
Whilst healthy stress can be advantageous and a bit of an adrenalin boost, too much of it can make learning more difficult and if your mind is working in overdrive then that little bit more information can mean its just too much to cope with. This is by no means an indicator of dementia more like your brain being in overdrive.

Physical health problems

There are quite a few physical health problems which could cause you to suffer with your memory. Whilst high blood pressure can be responsible for heart attacks and strokes, ultimately either of those two could make it harder to remember and can cause lack of concentration.
Other chronic health problems which are preventable and will have an effect on the brain are diseases like diabetes which can damage nerve endings in the brain and indeed in other parts of the body.
If you suffer from thyroid problems like hypothyroidism then this may also affect your normal brain activity. Thyroid problems are common and often misunderstood so asking your physician to check out your thyroid is not a bad idea. Clearly the aging process can affect the thyroid so the two together could be having an effect on your brain function
An illness could cause temporary memory loss issue. In fact any illness could be interfering with your memory because concentrating on how ill you might be feeling and anxiety about your health can lead to stress and lack of concentration.
Alzheimer’s causes are unclear and age related dementia and memory problems are common. It is important to realise that not all elderly people suffer from dementia and there could be other physical health problems involved.


This can occur either because of organic or functional causes. Clearly you can suffer brain damage in an accident or as a result of disease and functional causes can include psychological elements such as the body’s own defense mechanism. If you suffer a head injury you can also suffer from amnesia or some people can repress memory in an effort to survive like some victims of abuse. The reasons and causes of amnesia are many and varied but they can affect the brains capacity to remember.
Some physical causes of memory loss can only be treated with prescription drugs and some causes are not easily treatable but some are and a memory supplement like brainfire can help with those short term memory issues like stress, anxiety and some physical health issues. If you take a look at the brainfire supplement for example then you will see that they are totally natural and have been shown to help with the memory losses and concentration issues many of us suffer from in the age of increasing stress and urgent timetables.