Your Options with Plaque Psoriasis

PsoriasisPsoriasis is a curious disease – it happens when your own immune system goes and attacks your skin in the false belief that the skin is somehow the enemy. It can be a very debilitating disease. Your skin flares up in angry red blotches all over and you can go crazy scratching yourself raw all the time. This disease appears in many forms. And plaque psoriasis is one of the most common ones.

You can tell that a person has plaque psoriasis by the appearance of it. It’s quite instantly identifiable the way you get angry red blotches on the skin covered by a kind of transparent layer of dead skin. Usually, you get this on the elbow.

Of course, the disease only affects the skin. But it can be so debilitating the way it affects everything about your life that pretty soon, it can be an emotional and psychological prop, too. To begin with, psoriasis is strictly painful and quite annoying. But people could even stand this. What they can’t stand is how people take one look at you with your skin looking all alarming, and they think right away that you have some kind of terrible skin disease that you can catch. And they run from you.

And it can be quite icky, too – you keep shedding skin flakes in a horrible fashion.

While plaque psoriasis like other autoimmune diseases doesn’t have a cure, it does have treatments that tend to work with lots of people. Usually, it’s about applying ointments and creams to the affected areas. Corticosteroids do work; but you may not want to mess with these ultra-powerful drugs for long. If you possibly can manage it, you could find relief with topical coal tar preparations.

You can use these anywhere on your body that you might have plaque psoriasis. It works well enough if you don’t mind how it stains your body and has a powerful smell. Most people prefer to just use these products before going to bed at night and to wash them off in the morning. If all else fails, topical steroidal creams are your only hope.

These can be quite powerful in the way they make your inflammation better. Of course, you aren’t supposed to use steroids for longer than two weeks. Synthetic vitamin creams can be a bit of help too. They help with the inflammation when nothing else seems to quite do the trick.

With severe plaque psoriasis, medications like Humira can be a great help. They work very well because they directly go and act on the immune system and stop it from attacking its own host.