Smoking Facts

smokingFor those who enjoy cigarettes and smoking, life can feel good but you are most likely doing untold damage to your body and once you learn about the effects on the body then you may be more inclined to quit, although some may still be in self denial.

For many folks starting to smoke was a choice pushed on them by peer pressure and for others it has been a way of life since school and whilst they might appreciate the issues, the fact is that they cannot or will not give up.

You see that you will find that smoking is portrayed as being as agreat way to enjoy life. This portrayal is one that does not do justice to the real smoking facts. These facts which need to be understood are merely glossed over by cigarette manufacturers who will just provide you with the barest of warnings about the myriad of ill effects which happen with smoking.

Now if you are truly interested in finding some smoking facts there are various avenues where you can get this information. You should read through the information carefully as it will be for the most part very technical in explanation. In these various documents you will see how smoking can affect pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Just as an unborn child can get HIV or dependent on drugs while they are in their mother’s womb there is just as much chance of the baby becoming addicted to tobacco products. To prevent this from occurring mother’s to be are encouraged not to have any tobacco products during their term of pregnancy and while they are also breastfeeding their newborn.

The other little known smoking fact is that some of the ingredients which are found in cigarettes and other tobacco products are carcinogens. This means basically that these substances can cause cancer and other health hazards which are not documented. One of the ingredients which you will find in cigarettes is that of arsenic. This is a known poison and yet it is found in cigarettes along with that of carbon monoxide.

In other cases you will find that heart attacks and strokes have also been documented as being smoking related health effects. The multitude of smoking facts that we do not know about are reasons why there are so many people who get hooked onto this detrimental health habit.

To learn more about these sometimes hidden smoking facts all you will need to do is to read various documents which will provide you with these facts. These smoking facts that you learn can help you to rediscover a way to a healthy life.